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You can get your Medical Dictum for Costa Rican driver's license (Dictamen Médico para Licencia)


Medical Claims

We process medical claims for military health benefits program. And if you need to process a claim by yourself, we can help you too.

Who we serve



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We provide integral medical care to veterans and retirees of the United States Armed Forces through Foreign Medical Program (FMP from Department of Veterans Affairs), CHAMPVA (Department of Veterans Affairs) and TRICARE Overseas (Standard and Tricare for Life (TFL)).


The FMP is a program for Veterans who live or travel overseas. Under the FMP, the Department of Veterans Affairs will pay the VA allowable amount for a service connected disability.
Enrolling in the FMP is simple. Send your name, SSN, VA claim number, physical and mailing addresses to the HAC at P.O. Box 469061, Denver, CO 80246-9061. They will confirm your service connected disabilities and send you a benefits authorization letter, which outlines the medical conditions they cover.

For further information please check: http://www.va.gov/hac/forbeneficiaries/fmp/fmp.asp


CHAMPVA is a health benefits program in which the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) shares the cost of certain health care services and supplies with eligible beneficiaries (spouse or widow(er) and children of permanent and total disabled veteran with service connected conditions). CHAMPVA is managed by the VA’s Health Administration Center (HAC) in Denver, Colorado. To be eligible for CHAMPVA, the beneficiary cannot be eligible for TRICARE.

For further information please check: http://www.va.gov/hac/forbeneficiaries/champva/champva.asp


The TRICARE Overseas Program (TOP) is the Department of Defense health care program for US Uniformed Services in geographical areas and territorial waters outside of the United States. Enrollment is not required; coverage is automatic as long as you are shown as eligible in the Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting System (DEERS) and do not enroll in TOP Prime or TOP Prime Remote.
Tricare for Life (TFL) is available both stateside and overseas to TRICARE beneficiaries who have both Medicare Part A and Part B. Although Medicare is not available outside of the United States and U.S. territories, you must have Medicare Part B to remain TRICARE-eligible if you are entitled to premium-free Part A. Unless you have other health insurance, TRICARE is the primary payer for covered care you receive in areas where Medicare is not available. You are responsible for paying an annual deductible and cost-shares, which are the same as those under TRICARE Standard.

For further information please check: http://www.tricare-overseas.com/Beneficiaries.htm

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